Salaam! So this is Sumaiyaand this is my temporary Ramadan blog.
Thisblog contains my experiences last Ramadan and my experiences every Ramadan after. Hope you enjoy (:


Allah sent down prayer at the Prophet (SAW)’s lowest point- in his time of need. Yet we think of it as a burden, something we’ll do if we have time or if we feel like it.

Think about that.

I’m back!

After a lot of thought and uncertainty, I decided I’d bring this Ramadan blog back.

To be honest, I probably won’t be too active on here and most of my posts will be posted privately because I don’t want to jeapordize my sincerity- not because of anyone else, but because of myself. I found myself losing focus and I don’t want that to happen again.

So… bismillah (:

First post might be up tonight!


How long did it take for your Quran to gather dust after Ramadan ended?

Anonymous asked

I’m not giving it to anons… that’s the whole point of me moving. ask me off anon.

I promise I have a plan for this blog- I’ve just been a bit preoccupied.

I started college last week and I haven’t had a chance to breathe since then!

But yeah, inshaAllah you’re all doing well and hanging on to that Ramadan feeling (;

Remember Me because I remember you.

(2:152) Quran

I’m going to reblog this with what I said to the guy who approached me about me ‘misquoting’ the ayah.

I didn’t misquote it. I’m not a scholar nor am I very educated when it comes to the Quran so I’d normally admit to a mistake when it’s done, but that one in particular was what I was taught by Sh. Abdul Nasir and his student who is now our teacher.

To be honest, that’s (the original translation) what is belittling the majesty and the mercy of Allah (swt). It limiting His love for us and his mercy towards us. Allah does not need us to remember Him. He remembers us even when we forget Him because He’s our Creator. Much like, no matter how much wrong we do to our parents, at the end of the day they love us and they think about us.

We shouldn’t make it out to be that oh, Allah needs us to remember him when in reality, He doesn’t need anything. He loves us and send His blessings upon us regardless of whether or not we think of Him.

But yeah. That’s just what I’ve been taught, not what I’ve deducted myself. We need to stop putting condition on His love for us… it’s limitless. We can’t even begin to imagine how vast it is.

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Anonymous asked
I love you and I miss you and I want a baby fish. Thanks.

Well. This was the most random message I’ve received in a while.

So, Ramadan is gone and Eid has come and go… where does that leave us?

Falling hard from a spiritual high we’re trying so desperately to cling to.

The whole atmosphere of my house has changed drastically- one family member moving out, I’ve started up uni, another family member working again, another working evenings so that he can’t make dinner at the house and the biggest change of all, no more family dinners.

No more family iftars and suhurs full of giggles and laughter and squinty eyes.

I miss the after-iftar chai breaks and the before-Ishaa rush to get to the masjid.

I want to keep every feeling, every thought, every emotion I experienced this Ramadan. 

So… what are some ways you’re keeping the ‘high’ this year? Give me some ideas, tips, thoughts. I’ll post something of my own, as well as a post about what I’ll be doing with this blog now that Ramadan has passed, soon inshaAllah.

The God we worship during Ramadan is still worthy of worship after Ramadan.

Good friends are the ones who hug you even after seeing you sobbing all over the place (aka getting snot e v e r y w h e r e). Alhamdulillah, once again, for the people in my life.

Ramadan, ohh how I’ll miss you.